Monday, February 8, 2010

Press Releases and then some

Press releases sent to my home State of New York was readily received by the Westchester Herald and Yonkers Tribune. The article will run sometime this week! In addition there is a radio show called "On the Level" for which I will be interviewed. The air date for the segment will be sometime after May.

So where is Omaha do you ask? Still waiting as we are still waiting on that book chain to have the courtesy of a return phone call. The competition keeps looking better and better!

I'm delighted to report that I am continuing to receive fantastic feedback about the story. I am getting the emotional reactions I had hoped for - not to worry - no spoilers - the story continues to surprise - twists and turns are my favorite pastime - ah the intrigue and treachery.

Who said 9th century history is boring! If the professors put some life into their characters students would be lined up outside the door! Does anyone know how Edward II met his demise - and most unpleasant a demise it was! Stay away from Shakespeare - his view on history is for entertainment purposes and is not 100% accurate. Remember Richard III! He did not murder his nephews in the tower!

So my friends, history can be fun - picture the men who fought at the Battle of Hastings - then you may just remember the year, 1066!

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