Sunday, February 6, 2011

History Trivia

March 2, 462 Total Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse was observed by Bishop Hydatius in Portugal, who described the moon as having been "turned to blood." 672 Saint Caedda died. Also known as St. Chad, Caedda was educated at Lindisfarne and spent time in Ireland before succeeding his brother as Abbot of Laestingaeu in Yorkshire. After a minor administrative dispute he was named Bishop of York. His story was told in Bede's Ecclesiastical History, Book IV. 986 Louis V became King of the Franks. 986Lothair died. As king of France Lothair had set his sights also on Lotharingia (Lorraine), but was prevented by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II. After Otto's death, however, he prepared another expedition into Lorraine, but died before it could be carried out. 1127 Charles the Good died. Count of Flanders and crusader, Charles deserved the epithet "Good" for his wisdom, generosity, and his promotion of the welfare of his people. He was murdered while at prayer in the church of St. Donat at Bruges, apparently by black marketeers. 1316 King Robert II of Scotland was born.
The first Stewart king, Robert had a fairly peaceful reign following his career as co-regent, then sole regent, while his predecessor King David was exiled.


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