Monday, June 11, 2012

History Trivia

June 11, 1184 BC Trojan War: Troy was sacked and burned, according to calculations by Eratosthenes. 173 Marcomannic Wars: The Roman army in Moravia was encircled by the Quadi, who had broken the peace treaty. 1183 Henry the Young King, second of five sons of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine died. 1346 Charles IV of Luxembourg was elected Holy Roman Emperor. 1429 Hundred Years' War: start of the Battle of Jargeau, Joan of Arc's first offensive battle. 1456 Anne Neville, wife of Richard III of England was born. 1488 Rebels defeated and deposed James III of Scotland at the Battle of Sauchieburn, making his son, James, King. 1509 Henry VIII of England married Catherine of Aragon, his brother Arthur's widow.

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