Saturday, September 29, 2012

History Trivia

On September 29

480 BC Battle of Salamis: The Greek fleet under Themistocles defeated the Persian fleet under Xerxes I.

106 BC Pompey the Great, statesman and general of the Roman Empire was born. He was the chief rival of Julius Caesar and in 61 BC Pompey celebrated his victory in the third Mithridatic War (between Rome and the Kingdom of Pontus, a Persian state off the Black Sea) on his 45th birthday.

440 Saint Leo I, the Great, was elected Roman Catholic pope.

1227 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to participate in the Crusades.

1399 King Richard II of England abdicated; he was succeeded by his cousin Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV). Richard was initially imprisoned and later died from uncertain causes.

1364 Battle of Auray: English forces defeated the French in Brittany; ending the Breton War of Succession between the Houses of Blois and Montfort.

1547 Miguel de Cervantes, Creator of Don Quixote, was born.

1564, the reign of Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley became earl of Leicester.

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