Saturday, December 15, 2012

History Trivia

December 15,

37 Nero was born. He was the Roman emperor who is alleged to have fiddled while Rome burned.

533 Byzantine general Belisarius defeated the Vandals, commanded by King Gelimer, at the Battle of Ticameron.

687 Sergius I (Saint Sergius) was elected Roman Catholic pope. He received Caedwalla, King of the West Saxons, and baptized him (689) but because the King died in Rome, he was buried in St. Peter's. Sergius also ordered St. Wilfrid to be restored to his see (Bishopric at York), greatly favored St. Aldhelm, Abbot of Malmesbury, and is credited with endeavoring to secure the Venerable Bede as his adviser. Finally he consecrated the Englishman St. Willibrord bishop, and sent him to preach Christianity to the Frisians.

Caedwalla, King of the West Saxons

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