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The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: The Brimstone Forest by Ngaire Elder - Kindle Edition FREE July 16-20, 2013

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The Adventures of Cecilia Spark:
the Brimstone Forest

Today the spotlight is on Cecilia Spark!  Cecilia is 10 years old and loves chilling out in her snuggery. Her favourite things are midnight feasts, bug hunting and playing with her dog, Flurry.

Cecilia made her first appearance in The Brimstone Forest, book 1 in the series, The Adventures of Cecilia Spark.

Cecilia and her dog, Flurry.

Excerpt from The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest written by Ngaire Elder:

    Cecilia and Flurry bounded out the door to the garden. Clouds had started to drift across the sky, but that did not worry Cecilia. After all … she was an explorer.
    She had been sneaking round the garden for ages, but hadn’t managed to catch ANY creepy crawlies. Cecilia was starting to get hungry and, if truth be told, a little fed up.
    She wandered over to her snuggery; the old shed at the bottom of the garden. She sat down, opened her backpack, took out the snack box and bottle, and tossed a dragon cookie to Flurry. He ate it greedily.
    “Dragons,” she chuckled. “What if dragons were real, Flurry? We’d chase after them lightning quick, wouldn’t we?”
    With that, she tossed the remains of her cookie into the creature catcher and started running round the garden, spinning around in circles. Flurry joined in, chasing Cecilia, jumping and barking.
    Cecilia started to feel very, very dizzy. She flopped to the ground and Flurry came and lay beside her, panting wildly. She lay there gazing at the big, fluffy, white clouds floating in the sky.
    She could see different shapes in the clouds: a face with a long, pointy nose drifted past; the Loch Ness Monster glided through the sky, followed by a space ship, a canoe and a gigantic snail.
    The cotton-ball clouds started moving faster, swirling and whirling. She shut her eyes to make them stop, but before you could say, ‘Don’t dilly-dally down daydream alley’ a witch had zoomed down on her jet-propelled broomobile.
    Flurry barked and growled, and Cecilia sprung to her feet, “Quick run for it!” she shouted to Flurry. But it was too late.
    The witch swooped down and swept Cecilia onto her broomobile. The witch and Cecilia hurtled into the sky, high above the treetops and disappeared into the clouds together with Cecilia’s cry for help.

What readers are saying about The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: the Brimstone Forest (Amazon):

~    This book is full of creativity and imagination, aspects which are sure to delight young readers. The illustrations are simple black & white drawings, but they are very well-done and definitely add visual delight to the storyline. I would definitely recommend this book for grades K-3 (although kindergartners and first graders might still need some help reading it).

~    What a delightful story. I could definitely relate to this book, as a mother, an author and using my memories as a young girl. I'm sure any young reader would enjoy this story.

~    This chapter book, which I recommend for ages six and older, is an adventure story with likeable characters who experience a wide range of emotions on their journey. I believe that both boys and girls will love this book.

Target audience 5-8 year olds. Great book for reading aloud.
Illustrated by Peter Maddocks.

Download it FREE today and enjoy Cecilia Spark's first adventure in the Brimstone Forest!


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