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Ngaire Elder spotlights Marky the Wizard: Meadow Lane Mayhem with football hooligans

Marky's Meadow Lane Mayhem

Mark Barry is a professional writer and publisher at Green Wizard. To date he has written seven novels. He is the proud father of son, Matt, and  his interests include beekeeping, quilling, spelunking and retired greyhounds.

Author, Mark Barry

Today the spotlight is on Mark's latest novel, Violent Disorder (published July 2013), the long awaited sequel to his best selling novel, Ultra Violence!

Violent Disorder is  about two brothers, supporters and ex-hooligans at an East Midlands football club, Notts County, the oldest league club in the world, who tell more of their tales to the young Internet writer who wrote the first book.  All the time, the spectre of the modern world overwhelms them and there is a big match coming up against a team with a massive gang of hooligans. Will they retire gracefully? Or will they join in the Saturday afternoon hi jinks and risk everything on one last fight.

Excerpt from Violent Disorder written by Mark Barry:

 The three of us walked down a path next to a scrupulously maintained lawn. In the centre was an ornamental wheelbarrow painted a mixture of red and blue. Unlike the famous Notts wheelbarrow, the wheel was solidly attached to the housing. One of the seven dwarves peeked out of the barrow in a green smock – a red nose and two big ears, the dwarf looked like a punch-drunk alcoholic. Indescribable flowers acting as the marching perimeter of the lawn struggled to bloom in the cold spring.
Bull knocked on the door, which opened almost immediately. 
Britney was no more than twenty-five, and she looked more like a glamour model than an Aunty. Under no circumstances could I imagine her being an Aunty.
Tall, bottle tanned, wearing coal black strappy sandals, a gold ankle chain and a striped blue vest top with visible blue bra straps. Cut off denim shorts bisecting her midriff. Ash blonde hair lashed back tightly in a ponytail. Legs, infinite, muscular (yet slender), having no beginning and no end.  Black nail polish on her hands and feet. A small tattoo on her ankle. I’d seen larger boobs, but I wouldn’t have cared – I was more of a leg man, and she was European Champions League standard in the legs department. She was gorgeous and smelt like it. Lemon and eucalyptus were dominant fragrances. Her eyes, bright blue, flashed when she looked at us, welcoming, accessible, and her raspberry-lipped beam was the warmest thing I had seen all day.
Hi, guys, welcome to my humble abode, she said, a faint trace of Bristol in her accent. Tea? Coffee?
Bull declined. No, love, if I don’t get back, my dinner is in the dog. This is me brother, HobNob.
She held out her hand. HobNob could scarcely look at her. He didn’t look half as chirpy as he had earlier. He took her hand but looked at the carpet.
Don’t by shy, you. Come on, I’ll make you a coffee. Your brother can pick you up tomorrow after we’ve got to know each other. She turned on her heels and walked into the kitchen.
You c**t, HobNob commented.
Wish I had an Aunty like this when we were growing up. Oh, and just in case…
Bull passed over a metallic sheet of royal blue tablets. You’ll probably need these. I know I would.
Uncertain, he trousered the pills wordlessly. Bull turned toward the door and waved to Aunty Britney who waved back cheerfully.
Look after him. I’ll see you in the morning.
See you, love, she replied.
Leaving HobNob to his fate, we drove off, back toward Nottingham in the snow and the sleet.

What readers are saying about Ultra Violence (Amazon) :

~    I loved this book for it's distinctive writing style and entertaining storyline. I cannot wait for the second book to be released. There are not that many writers that possess this kind of innate ability.

~    An intriguing read which you will feel part of the more you read. A very strong recommend from me and I look forward already to the new book coming out next year

~    In true form Author Mark Barry produced a novel that told a unique story with many hard truths in it. I could visualize the sights, smell the smells, cringed at the bullying that occurred ... and the blood bath violence ... but this is what the story was about.

Adding in the failing marriage, the circumstance at the job, the pub, the fear, the attitudes - all of it was so real, so tangible...Get it. Read it. You won't be disappointed.

Recent review of Mark Barry's 
Violent Disorder  
~    The story revolves around the Bully Brothers, and their passionate support of the Notts Football team, which results in violent clashes with opposing fans on game day.  In this novel, HobNob and Bull draw the reader into their world, recounting horrific tales of brutality when football hooliganism ran rampant decades ago.  However, the sad truth reveals that the violent behavior still exists today as middle-aged men continue to pick up the gauntlet.  A powerful ending.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I recommend it to men, and women, on both sides of the pond.

Video footage of football hooliganism!

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Mark Barry on a recent spelunking trip ....
Mark's favourite quote 
'If you're going through Hell, keep going,' Winston Churchill.

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