Monday, September 16, 2013

EBOOK FREEBIE ALERT: Tales of Christmas Magic [Kindle Edition] by Matt Posner

Here's a great place to enter the world of School of the Ages for the first time with this short volume of amusing short stories with a Christmas flair that are good to read any time of year. Why are so many elementals bothering the teen magician Radish in the prep school bathroom? Will master magician Dr. Archer be able to select a new home from the many creepy places in New York? AND..... why, why, WHY is the beautiful sixteen-year-old Goldberry in a pitched battle with Santa Claus on the school roof?

This book also contains three additional selections.

Here is some information about the other books in the series.

Praise for School of the Ages: The Ghost in the Crystal

There is a strong Jewish and biblical current, but it's about magic rather than religion, and the magic is impressive. I got the feeling I was attending the school by correspondence, and that the magic was authentic. ... This is good reading.

-- Piers Anthony, world famous fantasy author

Matt Posner has created a believable world and down-to-earth characters within the realm of magic.

-- S.L. Wallace, author of Reliance on Citizens Makes Us Great!
Praise for School of the Ages: Level Three's Dream

The writing style of the story seems so true to how a fourteen year old would think as Simon and friends make those initial steps on their way to adulthood, making decisions about life, friendship, values and sexuality.

-- Cynthia Echterling, author of Torqued: The Quest for Earth
Praise for School of the Ages: The War Against Love

I was about to say, "What I like best about THE WAR AGAINST LOVE is..." when I realized that there are too many things I like "best" about it.... Posner's good things roll on every time you turn a page.

- Andre Jute, award-winning author of Iditarod: A Novel of the Greatest Race on Earth
Praise for Simon Myth:

Will the powerful yet vulnerable Simon ever be lucky in love? Will his family be freed from their tormentor? If (like me) you're already under the spell of 'School of the Ages', you need to know the answers. Now.'

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