Sunday, December 22, 2013

Goodreads Review - The Adventures of Cecilia Spark The Mystical Mountains of Terra by Ngaire Elder

Brenda Perlin

'Mighty, magical moon,
free him from this awful doom.
Break the spell,
make him well.

This adorable story is full of fun, intrigue and adventure. Even though it is written with children in mind, it is still a smart clever story. There are lessons about perseverance, commitment and loyalty throughout these pages.
I really fell in love with Cecilia's charm.
This is a delightful fable that I wish was around while I was growing up. I could really appreciate the strong female main character, though she could have just as easily been a boy and I would have related to the story just as well. The plot along with the ongoing discovery was so much fun.

The writing is easy to follow along with the realistic dialog and fabulous illustration which made the story quite visual with one colorful scene after another.
This series shouldn't be overlooked .
It makes for a great read with a lot of heart!
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