Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kindle editions at 99 cents from author Kim Scott

2014 is coming and this great price will be changing. Grab yours quick, before its too late!

The Manning Family has lived in the mansion overlooking the Atlantic for more than 200 years. With wealth and power, they enjoyed lives of privilege beyond reason. But 1929 is looming, and dark clouds are gathering. This is a story of exceptional loyalty between devoted friends and the dark side of survival. Kim Scott’s highly anticipated tale of historical fiction, told in her uniquely tantalizing style, will take you back to the end of the 1920s on the coast of Maine. Listen to the waves breaking on the beach, smell the salt in the air, and taste the smooth, aged Whisky.

5 Star Review of 'What Happened to Alex Manning?'

"Starting from his ancestry of the beginning of the heritage of the Manning Family, we learn the importance of what it is to be a Manning. Furthermore, we learn the importance of what it is to be a male at the reign of the Manning heritage.
Alex Manning was born into such a role, and as if conquering the feats of life wasn’t enough, he was traine...d to become successful enough to rule a powerful family and all their jealous entrapment, cruelty of nature, jealously, and the haunting of wrongful doings. But the hauntings become just too much for Alex’s own father who was overcome by it all. Through blindness of guilt, Alex’s father sends his beloved son into a world of which no Manning has ever experienced. The real world.
Raised to be a leader in high places, will Alex Manning survive this twisted fate in the cruel, cold world of the early 1900′s? With no money in his pockets will find his way on the humble streets of despair, hunger, brutality and thievery? Can he rise above even from the rat infested sludge of the unthinkable row house?
With historical times of Maine, Kim Scott paints a historical fiction setting that you will feel yourself step right into the shoes of a commoner in the cold, damp, dark 1800′s- 1900. From riches beyond dreams, to hunger day after day and let’s not forget about love and family as well, you will follow through Alex Manning’s life and his dream to correct the Manning name.

I understand that there is a sequel coming out! I can't wait to get a copy!"

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