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Mammoths of the Ice Age Fri 24 January – Sun 20 April 2014 National Museum of Scotland.

Mammoths of the Ice Age

Fri 24 January – Sun 20 April 2014

Mammoths of the Ice Age
Walk in the footsteps of the woolly mammoths at the National Museum of Scotland.
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The National Museum of Scotland is situated in Chambers Street, in the heart of the Old Town, a few minutes walk from the Royal Mile. Chambers Street links George IV Bridge and South Bridge.

About the exhibition

Journey back in time hundreds of thousands of years and discover the animals of the ice age at the first UK showing of this interactive, family-friendly exhibition. Joust with mammoth tusks, find out what mammoth fur feels like and touch the replica teeth of a colossal mastodon. Then meet Lyuba, an exact replica of a 42,000-year-old baby woolly mammoth, and learn why early humans both hunted and honoured these majestic animals.
There are lots of surprising mammoth facts to discover throughout the exhibition. For example, did you know that not all mammoths lived in snowy climates? Some mammoths sunned themselves on islands off the coast of southern California.
Not all mammoths were mammoth either – pygmy mammoths were only the size of a large horse. And Columbian mammoths ate up to 226kg of vegetation a day – that’s the same as 15 hay bales!
You might also be surprised to learn that mammoths were still alive in Siberia while the Pyramids of Giza were being built. But, contrary to the popular myth, they didn’t help with the building work.
Through original fossils, replica models and family-friendly interactives, discover the real facts about the mammoths of the Ice Age.
This exhibition was created by The Field Museum, Chicago.

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