Monday, February 3, 2014

My Review of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark Dragon's Star by Ngaire Elder

Mary Ann Bernal review of:

The Adventures of Cecilia Spark:  Dragon’s Star
By Ngaire Elder

 The adventures continue

 Cecilia Spark’s adventures continue to enthrall her readers with dragons and a wicked knight.  The author has weaved a tale of magic in this escapade where Cecilia must reunite the Millennium Dragon, Fuego, with its Millennium Star.  However, Fuego is a prisoner of the Knight of Darkness, who has the dragon confined in the Ice Chamber of Nillock Castle.  Cecilia and her friends face many obstacles on their quest, evil beings who would enslave them all. With only their wits and a crooked staff, which emanates magical powers when controlled, they are plunged into a world shrouded in darkness.  The reader is drawn into the intrigue as Cecilia fights to overcome every challenge facing her and her animal friends.  A delightful tale for young and old alike.  I look forward to reading more adventures of the brave and courageous Cecilia Spark.
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