Monday, March 31, 2014

Pre-order information on Kerry Donovan's new book The Transition of Johnny Swift

To pre-order Kerry Donovan's new book, The Transition of Johnny Swift, click on the links:



The Transition of Johnny Swift is a psychological thriller set in present-day England. Racing driver, “Fiery” Frank Brazier has a problem. He sees a Shadow-man—ominous, overwhelming. It happens in times of stress, but things are worsening. He would seek medical help, but racing drivers aren’t supposed to feel fear, and how would the team’s sponsors react? At the start of the final race of the season, Frank is only one win away from sealing the F2500 Championship and earning a place on a Formula 1 team for next season. With blood pumping, and adrenaline heightening his senses, his nemesis, the Shadow-man returns. He sits on the nosecone of Frank’s car, brooding, still, and silent. Frank survives a front tyre blowout, wins the race and a new contract. The next day, he accompanies his sister, Paula, to London by train, but a senseless act of vandalism causes an horrific rail crash… Waking in hospital, eyes bandaged, bones broken, head aching, Frank hears two words that throw him into a world of terror and confusion. “Save her!” When the doctors remove the eye bandages, Frank sees the owner of the voice —Shadow-man. He repeats the words. “Save her.” “Save who?” “Paula...” Follow on Bloglovin

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