Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mr. Chuckles swung by the Wizard's Cauldron, meeting MS-defying motivational speaker Karen Magill

The Wizard says:

Karen Magill was trotting along quite nicely, enjoying life, clubbing, following bands (mostly Poison), editing a rock fanzine, and just doing her thing when she was - cutting a long story short - diagnosed with MS. 

Losing a top job, she soon found herself unemployed and on benefits. Earlier this year, she wrote her story. I read it the other day and it is an eye opener.  

Karen's work fits squarely in a long tradition of exposition, memoir and true life "factionalisation" of physical and mental health issues and arguably, Indie has played a significant part in allowing authors to share their stories and to show that sufferers of conditions like MS are not alone.

An envied resident of the beautiful city of Vancouver, I contacted her as she wandered the streets of the city's artists quarter. Here's what she had to day.

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