Tuesday, September 30, 2014

History Trivia - Henry VIII withdaws his armies out of France

September 30

 420 Saint Jerome, one of the great scholars of the early Christian church, died at age 80. He is the patron saint of librarians and translators.

579 Pope Benedict I died. Famine raged in Italy on the heels of the Lombard invasion, and it is assumed that Benedict died in an attempt to cope with this problem. Benedict was succeeded by Pelagius II.  

1227 Pope Nicholas IV, the first Franciscan pontiff, was born.  Nicholas was pious and learned; he contributed to the artistic beauty of Rome, building particularly a palace beside Santa Maria Maggiore, the church in which he was buried and where Sixtus V erected an imposing monument to his memory.

1544 Henry VIII withdrew his armies out of France.

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