Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Ruth Chernock Series by Kim Scott now in one edition on Kindle

This remarkable series begins in 18th century Maine with the hanging of sweet, young Ruth. She stood accused of heinous crimes but was she guilty? This is an incredible story you will never forget!
The four books in this series follow Ruth's family through decades and generations as they endure great tragedy, struggle to remain united. A strong tale of romance, heartbreak, tragedy and survival.

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As life slips away and insanity continues, new life thrives on.

The Ruth Chernock Series starts out with Regarding Ruth and grabs your attention right away. Within the first paragraph I was drawn into the tale and curious about this girl named Ruth.
Regarding Ruth is intriguing while the dialog feels completely real and natural. The love story that flourishes grabbed hold and I read in fury wanting to know EVERYTHING! As the story continues this becomes an emotional journey that pulls on your heartstrings and then continues to tug.

It's a gut-wrenching tale that had me emotional and glued to the pages. The writing is so precise that the scenes before me felt real and it burned. It hurt deep down inside. I felt all of it. Such a heartfelt story that affected me greatly, leaving me glued to the pages.

This story weaves a rich tale that has it's readers wanting more. The mysteries throughout this chilling plot kept coming. Once when you think you know what's going to happen you are hit with another surprise. This is a great piece of work. One that I tried to devour every chance I got.

These books caught my attention from the start and I was absorbed all the way through. This emotional tale feels very true to life and pulls on your heartstrings.

"Gently she moved down to lay her head against his chest. She listened to the steady beat of his heart and felt the stirring of a distant memory. So many nights she had been comforted by her father in the great rocker in the sitting room. With her ear to his chest she heard the great thumping of his heartbeat. She smelled the strong scent of the whiskey on his breath as he spoke soothingly with his deep voice nearly a low growl. It was the place where she felt safe and secure. No one and nothing could harm her as she rested in his arms."

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