Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scribbler Tales included in the Booktrack Studio Hot Reads List - October 2014

October's Hot Reads
Every month, we bring you a selection of featured titles on Booktrack. Here are your hot reads for October!
    Hot Reads   
pride prejudice

Pride & Prejudice

Jane Austen
It's 19th century England. When Elizabeth meets the impossible Mr Darcy, romantic sparks fly but misunderstandings ensue.
demon lord

Demon Lord

T C Southwell
The Demon Lord will destroy the Overworld, unless a young healer can turn him from his savage path. Mirra, innocent of her quest, is placed in Bane's path.
shayla hacker

Who is Shayla Hacker

Evan Kilgore
A lonely man dials a random phone number, a 17-year-old is abandoned, a man flees on the eve of his wedding. The same question binds them.
when we love

When We Love

Lynette Ferreira
Chrissie Taylor has a big dilemma. She received a scholarship to the Cornwall Academy. When she meets handsome Vincent, her world is turned upside down.
demon wolf

Demon Wolf

Danielle Harjo
Cursed at birth, a young wolf will have to learn to survive the harsh realities of life. Will he ever be able to prove his worth to his pack, his alpha and his father?
eye predator

Eye of the Predator

Matthew J. Pallamary
Young zoologist Erik Simpson has no memory of his life before age 16. As his 30th birthday approaches, he begins to be haunted by dreams.
black beauty

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell
Follow Black Beauty from his days as a colt through to his experiences at the hands of different owners. A tale for animal lovers.
scribbler tales

Scribbler Tales

Mary Ann Bernal
Audrey learns of Paul's duplicity when human cloning experiments go awry. A collection of short stories in a mix of genres.


G.W. Pomichter
Lucky is returning home from WWII to restart his life as an L.A.P.D cop, when a case nobody wants leads him to self-discovery.


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