Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book Launch - Stormy Fronts by D.G. Turner now available on Amazon

It is the will to survive. The need to live for another day and to be on top of the food chain.

Against the backdrop of a futuristic ice age, Ariu, the Wild One, known for his volatile temper met Buko, the dark-skin, at the Meeting House and a strong friendship was forged. Both knew they had to go their own way if they needed to survive. Ariu had no plans until an empathetic traveller with her livestock entered the House. While the occupants wanted to consume the cattle, Ariu acted being a hero and tried to save them from being on the day's menu...wrong move. He found himself outside on the brink of death.

Torn between the safe haven and the desire to look for the fabled land the 'Green', Buko struck up an unlikely alliance with Naomi, Joshua and David, who held the secret of ancient philosophy in the form of a disc. The delicate web of lies obscures the fragile line between the past and future, with human relationships grasping to maintain trust, a luxury that no one can afford.

With this disc and a treasure chest found in the tunnels, will Buko and Ariu discover the hidden answers to the encroaching ice age?

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