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OwenSage Everville - Catching up with author Mary Ann Bernal

OwenSage Everville

Catching up with author Mary Ann Bernal

You may or may not know:

One of the best surprises was delivered via Federal Express when Mary Ann received a thank you signed by the marines serving aboard the USS Ronald Reagan along with a lovely blue throw blanket with the USS Ronald Reagan emblem stitched into the fabric. This was in response to her book donation for their reading pleasure - boxes of signed copies of her work.

After visiting the Thetford Priory Ruins in Norfolk, UK, Mary Ann learned that Ghost Hunters had featured the site, which is reputedly haunted. She did not see any specters, much to her disappointment.

Being a proud Trekker, Mary Ann attended Star Trek conventions in New York City and also visited the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton where she can be found on the Voyager bridge next to Captain Janeway.

What have you been up to?

This year’s project was a collection of short stories that are available in all formats, electronic, print and audio.

This quote sums up the series.

As a reader, I really enjoy the series. I'm always surprised by the twists and like how each story is different from the last one.  Roberto S. Chicago

Scribbler Tales - contemporary short stories

Scribbler Tales is a unique mix of genres in one anthology rich with tension, humanity and genuine emotion. Unconventional settings and unexpected twists are bound to leave you pondering long after you close this book.”

Volume One

In Desperate Measures, Audrey learns of Paul’s duplicity when human cloning experiments go awry.  Forbidden Lore beckons Arianna and Ethan into a haunted cemetery where they are confronted by a gathering of witches with evil intent .  Adrian must challenge his father to marry Rina or suffer the fate of star-crossed lovers in Forever Lost. In The Hourglass, Flair makes a covenant with the Devil to keep Brice alive. Aaron reflects upon his childhood as a military brat in Sail with Me.

Volume Two

Madeline’s personal feelings clouds her judgment in Broken Promises where she must choose between love and obeying the law. When the guilty walk, a vigilante executes the criminals in Deception. Endgame finds a government researcher running for her life after discovering a horrific CIA secret in the isolated facility. A modern day Don Juan’s life is turned upside down in Malice when he is falsely accused of rape. In The Portrait, Holliday is obsessed with a formidable ancestor whose spirit wishes to possess her soul.

Volume Three

When a highly classified schematic of a prototype engine is stolen, the evidence points to an inside job in Hidden Lies. In Nightmare, Melanie’s childhood demons carryover into adulthood when she returns to her ancestral home. Detective Newport races against time to apprehend a killer targeting prosecuting attorneys in Payback. The Night Stalker is not a figment of Pamela’s imagination as she tries to convince the police that her life is in danger. While trying to identify a serial arsonist, a Fire Marshall suspects a highly decorated firefighter in Turning Point.

Volume Four

When the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur is kidnapped, Agent Richards races against time to find her in Abducted. In Cunning, newlywed Charlotte von Lichtner is obsessed with Transylvanian folklore when she encounters her husband’s mysterious kinsman. Enamored finds Lady Margaret besotted with a younger man whose intentions are suspect in their unorthodox relationship. Will the murderer succeed as he flees the crime scene in Reckless? Doctor/patient confidentiality is sorely tested when Sarah reveals the truth about her lover’s death in Safeguard.

Volume Five

In her quest for immortality, Lilly considers a Satanic covenant before the portal closes on All Hallows’ Eve in Bloodlust. When Felicity meets exotic Seth on a flight to Luxor, her fairy tale vacation is threatened by tomb robbers in Illusion. Manhunt finds Tami and Mick suspecting the newest member of their team while planning one final heist at the Diamond Exchange. Dr. Brenda Lancaster must develop a cure for a mutated pathogen before mankind becomes extinct in Pandemic. Angela plots her husband’s death in Revenge, unaware it may cost her the freedom she seeks.

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