Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Journey to Freedom by K. Meador - an excerpt

"What would your wife say if she saw us eating together?"

"She won't dare come out in public the way she looks. If she has the faintest blemish she stays in. She won't walk with me by the rail because of the salty wind and ht hot glaring sun, as she puts it. I, on the other hand, see it in a totally different light."

"And what kind of light is that?"

He looked off in the distance. "I see the sun shimmering off the water like a diamond. I feel the wind as a sweet caress. I watch to see what creatures I can spot under the water. And I dream. I dream of what it must be like to live down there with no demands on you."

"Why did you marry her?"

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An unlikely meeting...
Marrissa is running away, as fast as her feet can carry her. After enduring the abuse at the hands of her employer for years, she has finally found the strength to strike out on her own, and now she has been unceremoniously thrust into an adventure with a man she doesn't know. But things become more serious when she and her companion are taken in by the Cherokee. After enduring attempts on her life at the hands of a jealous wife, Marrissa must once again leave people behind and make her own way. But this time she might be leaving true love behind.

An undying devotion...
Greggory longs to be a free man. Facing the violent prejudices against him as a half breed, and running from the high price set on his head by the owner of the plantation he used to belong to, he never expected to find peace and happiness with the young woman at his side. But the more time he spends with Marrissa, the more he realizes she is the one for him, and when evidence points to her untimely demise, he vows to gain his freedom and love no one else. But fate might not be done with him yet, and Greggory may have a second chance at the life he first glimpsed in Marrissa's eyes.

A timeless love...
Set amid the tumultuous backdrop of the American Civil War, Journey to Freedom, chronicles the harrowing misadventures of two star-crossed lovers through nineteenth century America, battling violence, prejudice, and the inherent struggles of their time. Join author K-Trina Meador for a touching saga of love, faith, and survival.

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