Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Launch - Julius Caesar De Bello Gallico The War in Gaul: A Storyteller's version Kindle Edition by Sebastian Lockwood

Hail Caesar! This is the Kindle version, Audible to follow soon. Sebastian Lockwood is The Person to bring this to us.  Caesar was a master leader, planner and storyteller. Stay tuned for the audio that goes with this great Reality story. Follow on Facebook Lumen Arts Audio for updates.

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Traveling bard, Sebastian Lockwood narrates The Briton and the Dane

The Briton and the Dane is a story of love, betrayal, intrigue and warfare taking place in a realm of mystery and darkness, set in ninth century England when the bloodthirsty Vikings raped and pillaged their way across the length and the breadth of the windswept lands.

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