Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scribbler Tales - Volume One snippet - Forbidden Lore by Mary Ann Bernal

Forbidden Lore

Night was setting upon crumbling headstones.  The centuries old cemetery was forgotten by most people, except for the High-priestess whose ethereal presence heightened the fear of those who dared walk the burial ground in the darkness.

Arianna was becoming concerned as shades of twilight enveloped the countryside.  They had been warned the graveyard entrance was locked at dusk. If they did not return to the car now, right at that moment, they would be trapped.  How would they survive until morning?  There had been stories, but maybe that was what they were ... just stories.  Yet walking through the knee-high grass in a clearing surrounded by willow trees and ancient oaks was unsettling. She sensed a malevolent spirit lurking within the shadows, awaiting release at sunset.

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