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Carla by Mark Barry
Second Edition
Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control
“When I walked into The Saddler’s Arms that night, I felt calm and relaxed, and the prognosis was rosy.
 And there she was.
There she was.

By the time I set eyes on her, I had lost interest in drinking, smoking, eating, or thinking.
She hit me hard, dear reader. I cannot remember being hit so hard by a woman.
And I had something of a history of being hit hard.
I knew instantly that I was doomed to love, and there was nothing I could do about it.”
Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer and released mental patient, John Dexter, falls in love with Carla, a fresh- faced environmental student and part-time barmaid, the first time he sees her. He should walk away, he knows he should, but he doesn’t. He can’t.
And by falling in love, he sets off a chain of events, which are at first, heart-warming and inspirational, and then bleak and horrifying.
Cult novel, Carla, is an introspective, moody and chilling romance novel with its roots firmly in the work of the great pulp writers of the fifties. It is a book for adults and for those who have lived through the occasionally bloody battlefields that are the relationships between men and women.
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Green Wizard Publishing's Best Seller

Ultra Violence  Second Edition  by Mark Barry

Forty. Receding pate. Loose teeth. Failing marriage. Delinquent, uncaring son. Psycho boss parachuted in to cut the big earners.

A few lost marbles…

It wasn’t always like this. He used to be a Face. A Player. A Terrace Celebrity. Now he’s just another faceless nobody on the brink of despair in a world he no longer recognises.

Yet, one freezing winter’s day, a chance meeting with a face from the old days at Notts County changes everything.

Especially when there’s an intriguing proposition on the table. One he may find difficult to refuse.


Ultra Violence is the thrilling, humourous, nihilistic and sometimes moving story, told partially in flashback, of one man’s journey from idealistic young fan to major football hooligan set against the shadow of a grim and soulless middle age in the bustling English city of Nottingham.

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Violent Disorder by Mark Barry
Violent Disorder is the much-anticipated sequel to Green Wizard’s best-selling Ultra Violence.

This book - written for adults - contains scenes of threat, opinions likely to offend, earthy dialogue, incessant foul language and relentless, sometimes extreme, scenes of urban violence.

Let’s HAVE It…

"The tall one advances toward me, grinning, all denim jacket and faded jeans.
He wants it, I can tell.
This knowledge makes me content. It fills me with calm. Equilibrium.
As he approaches, a sense of certainty descends that this upcoming scenario is somehow, meant to be.
There is a mutual acceptance.
A tacit agreement that extreme violence is about to take place, that punches will be thrown, that blood will be spilled, and that one of us is going to be hurt, possibly quite badly.
Maybe very badly, indeed."

The Bully Brothers.

Forty-something football hooligans determined to go straight.
A young Internet writer charts their progress to becoming good citizens amidst the absolute economic chaos that is the UK. Food shortages. Zero hour contracts. Dangerous packs of homeless roaming the streets. Cancer victims forced to work for dole. Panicked offspring poisoning elderly parents to avoid spiralling care costs.

Twenty quid for the flicks, three fifty a pint, and eight quid a packet of fags.
You don’t know whether to wear a parka to go shopping or slap on sun block.

The writer takes their confession. Old war stories. Terrace myths and fables. Sins of Ultra Violence two decades old carried out on train stations, motorway services, and the High Streets of towns like Hounslow, Rotherham and Peterborough.

Will they succeed in going straight? Can they resist the carnage planned for the last match of the season against Coventry?
Or will they drag the young writer down with them.

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Hollywood Shakedown by Mark Barry

 Buddy Chinn, the son of a lauded beat poet from the seventies, is happy to follow the dishonourable family tradition of booze, bets, books and broads. Then, at Hollywood Park one winter Saturday afternoon, two tough guys persuade him to join them on a trip to Damascus, a sprawling mansion off Mulholland Drive, a palace surrounded by a forest of imported trees and lush vegetation. There, he meets Mortimer Saxon, a, reclusive obsessive manuscript collector with an edge. A sharp suited zealot searching for Buddy's father's fabled Lost Manuscript; a one off, a unique piece worth thousands and thousands of dollars, an American literary icon of the same cult magnitude as Hunter Thompson's "Call to the Post." He asks Buddy whether he can help. Buddy hasn't a clue. Not a scooby. Trouble is, Mortimer doesn't believe him. Over the finest steak dinner Buddy has ever eaten, the collector makes him a proposition. Find the manuscript and make one hundred thousand dollars. Fail to find the manuscript and lose body parts on instruments restored from Inquisition times. Worse, he's given two weeks and no choice. Along with a British comic dealer acquaintance in The Hangman, the two men go on a quest for the manuscript which takes them to the biggest library in the world in Venice Beach, a riotous chess tournament in Chicago, a pulsating FA Cup match in London and back again to the City of Angels. All the time he's worried about his independent minded squeeze Monique, who, like a very independent minded cat, only ever comes home when she wants feeding. Hoping against hope that the manuscript exists. Avoiding snipers, hitmen, hooligans, the attentions of strange seventies goons and an alluring, hyper-sexy bad girl gangster with an interest in low-life big guy writers. Finding themselves developing respect and admiration in an age of endangered male friendships, the odd couple face a race against time to find the manuscript, a contest which leads to a pulse pounding climax, one in which Buddy has to face his deepest, darkest fears.
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Kid Atomic by Mark Barry

Two childhood friends, Ricky and Kevin, are despatched on a mission to London to bring back riot gear for an upcoming Citywide protest, part of the widespread national youth disenchantment with the Bankers, the Financiers, the Rich, the Normans, the Capitalists, the Tories and the rest of the “Haves” in an increasingly unequal Great Britain.

Actually,forget the politics. They think the job is going to be a right nobble.
A road trip.
There’s thrash metal on the van CD player, money for as much food and drink as they can handle, and there’s a hot older babe waiting to meet them at the rendezvous. The job couldn’t be going better.

Everything is squeaky clean and hunky dory until they are told to take back an extra trunk.
A trunk the colour of fire emblazoned with a Phoenix. A trunk no one planned for and which seems to have turned up from out of the blue. A trunk soon to be hidden in Kevin’s Mum’s garage.

Streetwise Ricky becomes seriously ill. Soon Kevin, a Gameboy playing, introverted geek, finds himself the centre of attention for the local Police, a sinister Scottish Special Branch officer they call "The Devil", Mum’s nosy boyfriend, and the amoral leader of his own protest group - one Lance Brando, a thirty year old Machiavellian perpetual student with designs on Kevin’s girlfriend, Rachel.

A man who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If this isn't enough, one day, when things are seriously getting on top, something happens inside the trunk…and Kevin’s life will never be the same again!

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The Illustrated Woman by Mark Barry

Emily, a brilliant cello prodigy, enjoys the perfect suburban childhood and is destined for big things. Attractive, polite, friendly, multi-talented and intelligent, with devoted parents, Emily’s life is a picture postcard sent back from a chaotic and disintegrating social world.

Then, at 15, at the whim of her worldly NBFF, she agrees to a tattoo. A simple rose on an emerald green stem. Simultaneously her first step toward identity...and a first tentative step into the abyss.

Three years later, Emily is a teenage single parent, disowned by her father and living on benefits in an inner city flat. Her life a pallid tapestry of helpless maternity, fake rum, smuggled fags, crime, Pound Goblins, Topshops, hip-hop, cold precincts, greasy spoons, prescription pills, bad food and a bewildering turnover of boyfriends. Heartbroken by yet another, and in fatalistic mood, she decides to chronicle her fall from grace by covering herself in an elaborate web of tattoos.

Enter Alan.

An awkward looking, depressed, but sincere older man who is happy to take on her daughter. He’s a saviour, a way back to her past and she’s tempted, but entwined in her life is Tyrone, a feckless, alluring, charismatic young rapper: Someone she can’t quite get out of her head.
As her bodywork reaches a conclusion, with one story left to emblazon, Emily is forced to choose: Alan? Or Tyrone?

Who will be symbolised by the very last tattoo?

TIW is a love story and a wry satire of modern life. The vivid and frequent sexual descriptions mean that this book is suitable for adults only

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The Ritual by Mark Barry

A mother and daughter travel from Ohio to a leafy English town to aid a harassed family member persecuted by angry locals.

Only one of them is happy about it and the other…well, when she’s not happy, there’s Hell to pay.

At the airport, the duo are spotted by a cleric of an ancient Church, who is convinced one of them is the prophesied reincarnation of the seventeenth century witch who founded their organisation.
Stalked, harassed, monitored, the subject of demonic attack and bizarre phenomena, one of them is finally chosen and taken. In the shadow of evil, the other faces a fight to the death to stop a terrifying Ritual from destroying her loved one, and the sleepy town of Wheatley Fields itself.

DOS is a 650-page homage to three connected things: The housebrick horror blockbusters of the seventies, those Herbert Van Thal paperbacks, and those unforgettable Hammerotica films. Ultimate poolside reading this summer. Don’t read after dark!
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Green Wizard Publishing Anthology - Reality Bites
Death. Domestic abuse. Ritual exploitation. The passing of a loved one. Child battery. Horrifying food addiction. Brutal bullying. Friendship gone bad. Drugs. Family collapse. Loss. Despair.

These are the bricks in the walls of Hell.

That would be real hell. Not the imaginary hell of the biblical scribe, the epic fantasist, the horrorphile, the metaphorist, the allegory peddler or the unreliable narrator.

This is the real Hell.

But no matter how bleak things become in that impenetrable abyss, no matter how bleak, no matter how pitch black, there is always the bottom rung of a rotten, threadbare rope ladder dangling from the precipice – and the message is: the rung is in reach.

This is Reality Bites.

Twelve fictional stories by twelve superb independent authors, each of whom is a card-carrying survivor of the abyss. And these are their tales.
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