Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulous Reviews

I did start the book! So far I’m enjoying it.
Janet G, NY

I'll be sure to leave you a review on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble when I get done. I should have finished already but there's just been so much going on as of late that I've been forced to read in piecemeal - which kind of stinks because you really do have me hooked.
Steven N, CA

Just finished the book. I really enjoyed it. The story was spell binding Hurry and write the sequel
Susan G, IL

I just finished your book this morning. It was quite a trip! And of course it is crying out for a sequel. I really enjoyed it mucho. So many new people to think about. You have really unusual and interesting characters. And non-ending twists and turns, intrigue, romance. It’s quite a trip!...You’ve accomplished a terrific feat with this book. Don’t know how in the world you did it. It is quite amazing. And you’re quite the author. Now you’ve got me wondering what’s going to happen next.
Paul A, NY

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