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Diane Turner - London Rocks - 30-06-2013 wishes the Wizard of Notts a Happy Birthday

Diane Turner - London Rocks - 30-06-2013

The Queen of Rock, wishes Mark Barry, aka the Wizard of Notts, a very Happy Birthday

History Trivia - Union of Kalmar signed

June 30

296 St Marcellinus began his reign as Catholic Pope. The violent persecution of Roman Emperor Diocletian dominated his papacy.  Also the papal archives were seized and destroyed, but the famous Cemetery of Calixtus was saved by the Christians when they blocked its entrance.

350 Roman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantine dynasty, was defeated and killed in Rome by troops of the usurper Magnentius.

1397 Denmark, Norway & Sweden signed the Union of Kalmar under Queen Margaretha.



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History Trivia - Globe Theater in London destroyed by fire

June 29

512 a solar eclipse was recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland.

1194 Sverre was crowned King of Norway.

1509 Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII of England died.

1613 The Globe Theatre in London, England burned to the ground.

1644 Charles I of England defeated a Parliamentarian detachment at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, the last battle won by an English King on English soil.

Veetu Industries and Rae Gee: Indian Timing

Veetu Industries and Rae Gee: Indian Timing: "So, your parents are missionaries..." It's an odd way to start a conversation, but it does happen. Not that I mind. Not in ...

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Home Wrecker I (Home Wrecker Chronicles) by Brenda Perlin: HOME WRECKER I DREAM MOVIE CAST

Home Wrecker I (Home Wrecker Chronicles) by Brenda Perlin: HOME WRECKER I DREAM MOVIE CAST: Home Wrecker   I Dream Movie Cast Sandra Bullock as Brooklyn Celebrity image from Kevin Costner as Bo Ce...

This Week in Tennis 6-28-2013 Catfights, Upsets and Slippery Grass
On this edition of This Week in Tennis host Phil Naessens and co-host Craig Doyle discuss all the stories both on and off the court from week one of The Championships being held at The All England Club.

The Phil Naessens Show 6-28-2013 Cincinnati Reds, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants Baseball!

The Cincinnati Reds, Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants are either at or close to the top of their respective divisions and all three teams are represented on today’s show. Red Reporter Managing Editor Brandon Kraeling joins us to discuss the Reds, Athletics Nation Writer Alex Hall stops by to chat Athletics Baseball and McCovey Chronicles Managing Editor Grant Brisbee joins us to talk Giants Baseball. Everything you want to know about each of these great franchises is covered on this program!

Sensitive Love Story to the screen - Looking for Producers

Kathy Krantz Stewart II

Looking for Producers to put this incredible ..sensitive love story to the screen. The Mini Series Screenplay is finished..and ready for Production.
A saga filled with passions and revolts, betrayals, greed and murder. A time of discontent, rebellion and struggle to stay alive. This is a love story that struggles with truth, pain then acceptance.

Fairy May

Fairy May

History Trivia - Edward IV of England crowned

June 28

 548 Byzantine Empress Theodora, wife of Emperor Justinian I, and thought to be the most influential and powerful woman in the Roman Empire's history, died.

767 Pope St Paul I died. His reign was dominated by relations with the Frankish and Lombard kings and with the Eastern Roman Emperor.

1098 Fighters of the First Crusade defeated Kerbogha of Mosul.

1245 First Council of Lyons (13th ecumenical council) opened.

1461 Edward IV was crowned King of England.

1491 King Henry VIII of England was born.

1519 Charles V was elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.


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Five Year Old Death by Bathsheba Dailey Book Launch - Join the Party on Facebook, Friday June 28, 2013

Come join me for my book release party and invite everyone you wish to. I will be having a raffle and other exciting give-a-ways for everyone to enjoy. There will also be areas where you can showcase your own links and books but please make sure you put them where they go and return any likes and follows given to you. Thank you for joining and have fun!

Check out the trailer

Five Year Old Death 

Authored by Bathsheba Dailey
Edition: First Edition
This book is about a girl who went through more than any one human should ever face and allowed herself to be brought down even farther in a marriage that just could not work. This book is based on my real life of sexual, physical and mental abuse starting at the age of five. If I can just help one person to realize that they are not alone and that they can refuse to live in that depression, I will be happy.


The Phil Naessens Show 6-27-2013 Zack Wheeler is no Matt Harvey!!

Zack Wheeler is no Matt Harvey no matter what folks say. Blogging Mets Mark Berman and host Phil Naessens spend the full hour talking Mets baseball. Please listen in as they discuss the trades, demotions, promotions, their favorite Mets teams and much more on this edition of The Phil Naessens Show.

History Trivia - Death of Roman Emperor Julian ends pagan revival

June 27

363 Roman Emperor Julian died, ending the Pagan Revival.

678 St Agatho began his reign as Catholic Pope. The great event of this pontificate was the Sixth General Council, the Third of Constantinople which extinguished the Monothelite heresy and reunited Constantinople to Rome.


Is your novel perfect for the big and/or little screen?

Kathy Krantz Stewart II
Is YOUR book or ebook perfect for the screen or TV? Book to Screen experts! Award winning producers/screenwriters. FREE QUOTE: - FREE promotion for clients. The IFFF Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival - just this past month, 2 more official Best Screenplay award Official Selections for us. Yay! Kathy Check out my webpage to see awards, film projects, and other news.
Attached with hire is FREE pitching to producers, contacts, help with production, distribution, agents, awards, festivals,
Award Winning Screenplay
 Dolphin's Song
by Kathy Krantz Stewart
In Pre Production to film

Goodreads Contest - Reality Bites Giveaway

Enter to win a print copy of Green Wizard Publishing's Anthology -Reality Bites

Death. Domestic abuse. Ritual exploitation. The passing of a loved one. Child battery. Horrifying food addiction. Brutal bullying. Friendship gone bad. Drugs. Family collapse. Loss. Despair. These are the bricks in the walls of Hell. That would be real hell. Not the imaginary hell of the biblical scribe, the epic fantasist, the horrorphile, the metaphorist, the allegory peddler or the unreliable narrator. This is the real Hell. But no matter how bleak things become in that impenetrable abyss, no matter how bleak, no matter how pitch black, there is always the bottom rung of a rotten, threadbare rope ladder dangling from the precipice – and the message is: the rung is in reach. This is Reality Bites. Twelve fictional stories by twelve superb independent authors, each of whom is a card-carrying survivor of the abyss. And these are their tales.

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The Phil Naessens Show 6-26-2013 Doc Rivers is Now Coaching the Los Angeles Clippers

 Doc Rivers is now with the Los Angeles Clippers and Clips Nation Managing Editor Steve Perrin joins host Phil Naessens to discuss this as well as clear up trade rumors involving Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and Pounding the Rock Managing Editor J.R. Wilco joins Phil for his weekly segment where the guys enjoy their usual lively discussion regarding the San Antonio Spurs, Broadcasters and Media and so much more on this edition of The Phil Naessens Show.


M. C. Arvanitis, writer / WORDS TOGETHER MAKE TALES: JUDGE A NATION BY THE SMILES, BY THE LAUGHTER OF H...: JUDGE A NATION BY THE SMILES, BY THE LAUGHTER OF HER CHILDREN! (Michaels) M.C. Arvanitis Author of Mid-grade Fables              ...

History Trivia - Pied Piper leads children out of Hamelin, Germany

June 26

221 Roman Emperor Elagabalus adopted his cousin Alexander Severus as his heir and received the title of Caesar.

363 Emperor Julian, the last Roman emperor to oppose Christianity, died in Mesopotamia at age 32, while fighting the Persians. General Jovian was proclaimed Emperor by the troops on the battlefield.

 684 Pope St. Benedict consecrated. The consecration of Benedict was delayed nearly a year until Byzantine Emperor Constantine IV could approve his election.

1284 the legendary Pied Piper led 130 children out of Hamelin, Germany.

1409 Western Schism: the Roman Catholic church was led into a double schism as Petros Philargos was crowned Pope Alexander V after the Council of Pisa, joining Pope Gregory XII in Rome and Pope Benedict XII in Avignon.

 1483 Richard III was crowned king of England after declaring his nephews Edward and Richard illegitimate. 

1498 Toothbrush invented

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Fantasy Baseball Tuesday; Injuries, Surprises and Disappointments!

It’s Fantasy Baseball Tuesday and joining host Phil Naessens to discuss injuries and much more is Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Writer Nick Falk followed by Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks Writer/Expert Eric Pleiss to discuss some of his surprises and disappointments of this years Fantasy Baseball Season

Amazon Review - The Juice and Other Stories by Bill Jones

Remarkable stories by a remarkable talent June 23, 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Here we have a baker's dozen of stories as varied and delightful as any you'll find anywhere. Go along with "Mrs What's Her Name" as she searches for the woman she was before the brain injury. "Manhattan Transference" brings an intergalactic visitor to earth on an errand of utmost urgency for her home planet. In "Days of the Never Was" six people discover that sometimes everything wasn't quite what it seemed to was better. "Set Fire To The Rain" is an excerpt from one of Mr Jones "Stream" novels and an excellent introduction to those books.

The collection is so well written that I was done with it before I was ready to be done with it. I wanted more. I still do. Hurry up, Mr Jones. Write another collection.

Meanwhile, I'll dive into The Stream Trilogy.


Author Crystal Schall's Monday Splash - Carla by Mark Barry featured

Mark Barry, author of “Hollywood Shakedown”, “Ultra Violence” and “Carla”, is a Psychologist and writer whose main interest focuses on relationships between people.   He has been writing since he was twenty one, having his first piece published in 1986.  He has written extensively on a variety of topics including, horse racing, football, personality disorders and human relationships.  Influenced by the great playwrights and screenwriters, much of Mark’s work transpires in dialogue.  He deplores exposition and, in his fiction, leaves the reader in a state of nervousness more than he probably should.

Mark has had an extensive career as a professional project designer and bid writer, having accrued over £20m for groups and organisations working with disadvantaged people.  An ex-lecturer, Mark designed and delivered the UK’s first ever course in Criminal Psychology in 1997.  Much of this work infils his fiction:  Psychopathy and Borderline Personality Disorders are featured heavily in “Carla”, for example. 

Currently, Mark is a full time fiction writer and freelance blogger.  He has been interviewed on several Radio talk shows where he has given readings of his work.  His work has been featured in The Sun and Daily Mail and he has also been interviewed on Television.

Mark resides in Southwell, Nottinghamshire with his teenage son. 

An excerpt from Carla by Mark Barry: 

Luckily, there was a rush. Ladies darts, a good mob of them from the Haywain with their heavy drinking partners and I knew that Carla would be busy from now until closing time. I sat there and suffered for an age, an absolute age, and then Carla came over to talk to me, telling me how much she enjoyed Sunday and asked me whether I’d like to go walking with her around Columbus Park this coming Sunday. I smiled at her and said that would be brilliant, even though it was only Tuesday and I would have all that time to suffer, but I didn’t ask her to go for dinner with me, or for a drink, I just smiled and she touched my hand oh so gently and said I’m so glad, and she had denim shorts on with ribbed tights and ankle boots and a woolly jumper and her hair was in a ponytail  and she went back behind  the bar and I never got the chance to speak to her again that night but Dino did and by the time it came for me to leave, I went through all the ways I could think of to murder Dino and to get away with it. I’d stalk him. Decapitate him. Bury his body in the Cherry Woods one night and no one would ever be the wiser, yet who would be the first person the Police speak to?  You know: The released mental patient in the flat at the end of the road.


I was damned, dear reader.

I was truly damned.


That night, when I got home, Carla sent me a good night message with two kisses as usual. Afterwards, I stripped to my boxer shorts.  Cut my armpit with the Airfix knife and watched the blood trickle like a tributary down my obliques onto my naked thighs.

Purchase Links:



History Trivia - Canterbury monks report explosion on the moon

June 25

253 Pope Cornelius died at Centumcellae where he was exiled during the Christian persecution under Trebonianus Gallus Augustus.

524 The Franks defeated the Burgundians in the Battle of Vézeronce.

841 In the Battle of Fontenay-en-Puisaye, forces led by Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeated the armies of Lothair I of Italy and Pepin II of Aquitaine.

1134 King Niels of Denmark died.  1

178 Five Canterbury monks reported something exploding on the Moon.


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The Phil Naessens Show 6-24-2013 Possible 2013 MLB Trade Deadline Moves
Baseball Author and SB Nation MLB Editor Steven Goldman joins host Phil Naessens to discuss the New York Yankees, the AL East, Zack Wheeler, Wil Myers, David Wright and speculate on what catchers, first basemen and middle infielders might be traded and where they may be going to on this edition of The Phil Naessens Show.

Secrets of Getting Published-31-Kathy Krantz Stewart 01/18 by Secrets of Getting Published Now | Blog Talk Radio

Secrets of Getting Published-31-Kathy Krantz Stewart 01/18 by Secrets of Getting Published Now | Blog Talk Radio

History Trivia - Vikings destroy Nantes

June 24

109 The Aqua Traiana was inaugurated by Emperor Trajan, the aqueduct channeled water from Lake Bracciano, 25 miles north-west of Rome.

217 Hannibal defeated the Romans at Lago di Trasimeno in the Second Punic War. 4

51: 10th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet.

451 Attila the Hun raised his siege of Orleans, France in a prelude to his being pushed out of France by a combined army of Romans and barbarians.

803 Bishop Higbald of Lindisfarne died. In a communiqué to the scholar Alcuin of York (teacher at the Carolingian court at the invitation of Charlemagne), he described in graphic detail the Viking raid on Lindisfarne on 8 January 793 in which many of his monks were killed.

843 Vikings destroyed Nantes (western France).

1314 Robert the Bruce of Scotland defeated the English army under Edward II at Bannockburn, near Stirling.

1340 In the Hundred Years War, British fleet under the command of King Edward III destroyed the French at Sluys (Flanders).

1374 A sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance (Dancing Plague) caused people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations and begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion. One of the most prominent theories is that victims suffered from ergot (fungus) poisoning.

1441 King Henry VI of England founded Eton College.

1497 John Cabot landed in North America at Newfoundland leading the first European exploration of the region since the Vikings.

1497 Cornish rebels Michael An Gof and Thomas Flamank were executed at Tyburn, London.

1509 Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon were crowned King and Queen of England

1520: Mass at Field of Cloth of Gold where Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France met between Guînes and Ardres near Calais to discuss an alliance.

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The Book Rack - Mark Barry Featured Author

Author Spotlight: Mark Barry

I would like to take a moment to thank Mary Ann Bernal, author, blogger, and all around world's bestest buddy for this wonderful guest post. I've been really busy lately and it was super nice of her to take time form her insanely busy schedule to interview Mark Barry and share it with us.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a writer, first and foremost, and live in the Midlands of the UK, in the middle of Sherwood Forest. I love horse racing, Notts County FC, heavy metal and my family. I have a sixteen-year old-son, Matt. I’ve written six books. When I grow up, I want to be a pub singer called Mike Champagne.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Definitely not when I was a kid! I was a reader then and didn’t even write a diary. Too busy playing. I wrote my first novel when I was twenty, to see whether I could do it - only for it to be totally panned by a friend of mine, so with the exception of several porn stories I sold to “Knave” magazine in 1986, I didn’t write again for another twenty three years.

What made you choose to write in the thriller genre and where did the ideas come from for The Ritual?
Massive horror novel fan when I was young. Wheatley, King, Straub, Herbert (RIP), Sharman, Campbell Tryon all those great writers monopolised my reading time. Then, I stopped, roughly about the time of Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood”. I read one of those and thought, nah, this is bollocks (I’m not a Barker fan at all), and stopped reading the genre.

I wrote The Ritual in a fit of nostalgia during the writing binge, which fuelled Green Wizard Publishing. I guess I was laying the ghosts of that first critically panned novel to rest, if we’re getting Jungian about things! I even included one of the characters from that first novel in The Ritual.

With regards to The Ritual, did you work with an outline, or just write?
Unless you count my 24-hour internal plot meetings (I become obsessed with a book), I’m the ultimate pantser. Never written a plot outline in my life. I also write things out of order, which some writers don’t understand. The Ritual, whose ending has pissed off many people, is based on a famous old horror film and that came first: I knew the ending before I knew the beginning.

Your company, Green Wizard Publishing, has recently published an anthology.  What can you tell us about Reality Bites?
Reality Bites is twelve authors strutting their stuff on the subject of Hope from Despair. The writing is top notch and there are twelve top short stories. Death, recovery from domestic abuse, rape, grieving, child abuse and horrific food addiction are just some of the topics.

If you had to sum Reality Bites up in 30 or less words, what would you say?

Reality writing – fiction, “faction” and life representation – of the highest order written by some of the most talented independently published authors operating today.

Where can fans of Mark Barry find out more?

Author Database:

Green Wizard Publishing (Facebook)

Twitter Handle: @greenwizard62

Green Wizard Blog

Amazon Links: 



Writers-Room members at the Writers Conference and Book fair - Winchester UK June 22, 2013

Writers Room members Ginny, Eve, Ron and Elisabeth met up at the Writers Conference and Book fair Winchester Hampshire UK 22nd June 2013

From the Desk of Nadia Kilrick: Brenda Perlin Visits The Desk - Red Face & Yellow ...

From the Desk of Nadia Kilrick: Brenda Perlin Visits The Desk - Red Face & Yellow ...: I'd like to welcome Brenda Perlin to the desk today. She is the author of The Home Wrecker Chronicles . Today, she'll share her mo...

History Trivia - Titus succeeds his father, Vespasian

June 23

79 Titus succeeded his father Vespasian as the tenth Roman Emperor.

930 The world's oldest parliament, the Iceland Parliament, was established.

1314 The Battle of Bannockburn. This significant battle helped the Scots regain independence from England and secured the throne of Scotland for Robert the Bruce.

1532 Henry VIII and François I signed a secret treaty against Emperor Charles V.

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Authors Database - Top Ten - Congratulations Mark Barry

Authors Directory Mark Barry

Mark Barry

Written by Mark Barry     March 06, 2013    

Author Details

My Facebook
Facebook Page
Mark Barry, author of "The Ritual", "Kid Atomic", "The Illustrated Woman", "Hollywood Shakedown", "Ultra Violence" and "Carla", is a writer who writes across genre. He has been writing since he was twenty one, having his first tentative pieces published in 1986 in "Knave" and "Razzle" magazines.

Currently, Mark is a full time fiction writer and author interviewer. He runs a critically praised Author Interview blog called "The Wizard's Cauldron". He has been interviewed on several Radio talk shows - including The Phil Naessens Show-

where he has given readings of his work. His work has been featured in The Sun and Daily Mail and he has also been interviewed on Television.

Mark resides in Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Where I Live
Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Shout Out
Author interviews:

Author interviews:

Newspaper Book reviewer: -

Radio DJ: