Mary Ann Bernal attended Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY, where she received a degree in Business Administration; her literary aspirations were ultimately realized when the first book of The Briton and the Dane novels was published in 2009. In addition to writing historical fiction, Mary Ann has also authored a collection of contemporary short stories, a science fiction/fantasy novel, and action and adventure novellas.

Her recent work includes Crusader’s Path, a redemption story set against the backdrop of the First Crusade; Forgiving Nero, a novel of Ancient Rome that explores the complex relationship between the emperor and his mother; and the AnaRose novellas, which follows the adventures of a museum curator and relic hunter thwarting black marketeers.

Since Operation Desert Storm, Mary Ann has been a passionate supporter of the United States military, having been involved with letter-writing campaigns and other support programs. She appeared on The Morning Blend television show hosted by KMTV, the CBS television affiliate in Omaha, and was interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald for her volunteer work. She has been a featured author on various reader blogs and promotional sites. Mary Ann currently resides in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

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