Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glossary of Terms

Abbey Monastic community

Abbott Administrator of monastery / abbey

Abbess Administrator of monastery / abbey

Alms Gifts of money / services / goods for the poor

Bailey Outer courtyard of the fortification

Battlements Defensive structure along the outer edge of the wall walk

Benedictine Order Founded by St. Benedictine
Vows of personal poverty, chastity and obedience

Burh Fortified town

Chapter House Religious community administrative center

Cloister Enclosed inner courtyard in a monastery / abbey

Coffer Chest

Dane People of Denmark

Dragonship Viking longship, longboat

Fealty Swear loyalty and allegiance to an overlord / ruler

Garderobe Toilet

Gate Heavy wood doors for entry

Gatehouse Main entry with towers / barriers on each side of
the wood gate

Gong Farmer Cleans the toilets

Great Hall Main room for meetings and dining

Inner Bailey Courtyard in the center of the fortification

Keep Large tower

Illumination Artistically decorated manuscripts

Parapet Wall rampart

Postern Gate Secondary gate at the rear of the fortification

Psalter Book of Psalms

Rampart Embankment which encircles the fortification

Take the Cowl Become a Monk

Take the Veil Become a Nun

Turret Small tower

Viking Scandinavian warriors

Wall Walk Walkway on top of wall which encircles the fortification

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