Monday, March 22, 2010

Updated Glossary

Abbey: Monastic community

Abbott: Male administrator of monastery / abbey

Abbess: Female administrator of monastery / abbey

Alms: Gifts of money / services / goods for the poor

Angles: Germanic peoples settled post Roman Britain

Anglo-Saxon Britain: 5th Century to Norman Invasion (1066)

Bailey: Outer courtyard of the fortification

Battlements: Defensive structure along the outer edge of the wall walk

Benedictine Order: Religious community founded by St. Benedictine
Vows of personal poverty, chastity and obedience

Britons: Ancient Celtic peoples from the Island of Great Britain

Burh: Fortified town

Cell: Single room in an abbey / monastery / nunnery

Chapter House: Religious community administrative center

Cloister: Enclosed inner courtyard in a monastery / abbey

Coffer: Chest

Comely: Beautiful

Compline: 9 pm prayer service

Cowl: Monk’s hooded cloak

Dane: People of Denmark

Dragonship: Viking longship, longboat

Flameworker: Glassblower

Fealty: Swear loyalty and allegiance to an overlord / ruler

Garderobe: Toilet

Gate: Heavy wood doors for entry

Gatehouse: Main entry with towers / barriers on each side of the wood gate

Give quarter: Spare life, take prisoners

God Spede You: Safe travel

Gong Farmer: Cleans the toilets

Great Hall: Main room for meetings / dining

Guffaw: Laugh

Inner Bailey: Courtyard in the center of the fortification

Keep: Large tower

Illumination: Artistically decorated manuscripts

Lauds: 3 am prayer service

Matins: Midnight prayer service

Mead: Intoxicating beverage
Made from water, honey, malt and yeast

Minstrel: Musician

Nunnery: Convent

None: 3 pm prayer service

Parapet: Wall rampart

Postern Gate: Secondary gate at the rear of the fortification

Poultice: Medicinal paste

Psalter: Book of Psalms

Prime: 6 am prayer service

Rampart: Embankment which encircles the fortification

Rope Pulling: Tug of war

Saxons: Germanic peoples who settled post Roman Britain

Sconce: Mounted torch holders

Sext: Noon prayer service

Sjaund: Funeral ale ritual drinking celebrated 7 days after
the person’s death (Norse pagan custom)

Take the Cowl: Become a Monk

Take the Veil: Become a Nun

Terce: 9 am prayer service

Turret Small tower

Vespers: 6 pm prayer service

Viking: Scandinavian warriors / seafarers

Wall Walk: Walkway on top of wall which encircles the fortification

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