Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coming Soon: The Briton and the Dane: Concordia

Travel back in time to late Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain and the reign of Alfred the Great, where the Danish King Guthrum’s successor honors the terms of peace, where trade flourishes despite the heathen threat, where a multicultural seat of learning is established in the capital city of Winchester, where scholars and students throughout the known civilized world flock to Britannia’s shores.

Follow the adventures of Concordia, daughter of Aurelius and Arista, as she comes of age in an era of enlightenment, where religious beliefs are tolerated and the pursuit of knowledge defies cultural differences.

Share Concordia’s plight when she is captured by Saracen pirates while sailing the Mediterranean Sea, and revel in her good fortune when her life is spared as she is reunited with the exotic Moor who once held her heart.

But will love be enough to sustain her when she is denied her Christian beliefs? Will she be rescued from the Infidel’s grasp or will she spend her days enslaved in a foreign country where followers of the Christian faith are condemned to death?

Available 2013

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