Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Known Facts

The Norsemen

The Vikings had ear spoons that were used to clean out ear wax, practiced personal grooming and did bathe once a week.

The Vikings enjoyed sporting events such as wrestling, foot races, swimming and skiing to name but a few.  They also played board games such as tabula (backgammon) to keep themselves occupied during the long winter months.

The ravaging seafarers that attacked the civilized world did not represent the majority of the Scandinavian people, who were peaceful farmers and traders.

The Anglo-Saxons

When the Anglo-Saxons ousted the Britons, they shied away from Roman towns, preferring to live in small villages.

The Anglo-Saxons did not believe in bathing, and monks only bathed five times a year.

The Anglo-Saxons put sheepskins around their beds to get rid of fleas.

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