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Kid Atomic by Mark Barry featured on The Examiner

About Author Mark Barry:

Mark Barry is the author of six books of different genres. He has written extensively on a variety of topics including, horse racing, football, personality disorders and human relationships.

Currently, Mark is a full time fiction writer and freelance blogger. He has been interviewed on several Radio talk shows where he has given readings of his work. His work has been featured in The Sun, Daily Mail and he has also been interviewed on television.

You can find his intensive independent author interviews at: .

You can find his interview by the well-known Phil Naeesen show at

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About Kid Atomic
Two childhood friends, Ricky and Kevin, are dispatched on a mission to London to bring back riot gear for an upcoming Citywide protest, part of the widespread national youth disenchantment with the Bankers, the Financiers, the Rich, the Normans, the Capitalists, the Tories and the rest of the “Haves” in an increasingly unequal Great Britain.

Actually, forget the politics. They think the job is going to be a right nobble. A road trip.
There’s thrash metal on the van CD player, money for as much food and drink as they can handle, and there’s a hot older babe waiting to meet them at the rendezvous. The job couldn’t be going better.
Everything is squeaky clean and hunky dory until they are told to take back an extra trunk.

A trunk the color of fire emblazoned with a Phoenix. A trunk no one planned for and which seems to have turned up from out of the blue. A trunk soon to be hidden in Kevin’s Mum’s garage.
Streetwise Ricky becomes seriously ill. Soon Kevin, a Gameboy playing, introverted geek, finds himself the center of attention for the local Police, a sinister Scottish Special Branch officer they call "The Devil", Mum’s nosy boyfriend, and the amoral leader of his own protest group - one Lance Brando, a thirty year old Machiavellian perpetual student with designs on Kevin’s girlfriend, Rachel.
A man who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If this isn't enough, one day, when things are seriously getting on top, something happens inside the trunk…and Kevin’s life will never be the same again!

What readers are saying:
~ the character development to be quite intricate and pulls the reader into the mind of several characters within the story
~ What makes this book a delight to read is the British quirk.
~ What makes this book a delight to read is the British quirk.

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