Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Ritual by Mark Barry

Mary Ann Bernal review of The Ritual by Mark Barry
The Ritual is an interesting take on a satanic theme whereby the devil returns to earth and claims a human bride. The story begins when Phillippa and her daughter Jennifer travel from the US to Wheatley Fields, England, so that Phillippa could be near her brother, Damon, in his darkest hour. Mother and daughter are seen at the airport, quite by chance, by a member of religious cult who believes Phillippa resembles the woman that had been instrumental in establishing the Church’s formation in the last century, and plans are quickly put into place to prepare for the sacrificial rites, and the return of Satan to rule the world. Mr. Barry’s story captivates the reader with its twists and turns - a page turner that builds up to a suspenseful crescendo, which culminates in an unexpected ending. An excellent horror story that will cause nightmares, if one is not into horror and the occult.

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