Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kid Atomic by Mark Barry - Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Mark Barry does it again

Quietclayer "Mary" (Florissant, MO USA)

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This review is from: Kid Atomic (Kindle Edition)
I just finished reading Kid Atomic. Mark Barry has surprised me again. This is a character and relationship driven psychological thriller that, if you have read any other books by Mr. Barry clearly shows his incredible range. The characters are ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Set in current day Britain, it tells the story of good friends that have joined a protest movement at the University they attend. They are chosen by the leader of the movement to go to London to pick up materials for an upcoming demonstration. What they pick up will change their lives forever. The characters are well developed, invoking strong feelings in the reader. Feelings that run the gamut from empathy to revulsion. The relationships are as intertwined as those in the reader's own life and entirely believable. Although the story starts out in an easy going manner, things soon begin to turn dark and sinister. Mr. Barry keeps the reader guessing right up to the very surprising and satisfying ending. An enjoyable and suspenseful story from beginning to end.,

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  1. I am currently reading Kid Atomic and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Mark Barry's style of writing is unique and flawless. Kid Atomic is a wonderfully plot-driven read.