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The Illustrated Woman by Mark Barry - Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't put it down! A must read! Unique and Powerful!, October 16, 2012
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This review is from: The Illustrated Woman (Kindle Edition)
The Illustrated Woman has a unique plot that will capture your attention, hold it, make you angry, make you cry, make you desperate and it will make you fall in love. It will remove you from your present world and transport you into the life of a single mother who turned her back on the world her parents desired her to have and created her own.

This book is not for the shy or timid. It is graphic and realistic. It is emotionally open and evasive. It is good and evil. It is stimulating and abusive. It is life and broken dreams. It is enthralling and deceiving. It is truth and lies. It is honor and immoral. It is beauty and ignorance. It is love and selfishness. It is desire and hatred. It is commitment and it is fear. It is enlightenment and it is disillusionments. It is about second or even third chances and it is unforgivable. It is choices and it is consequences. It is maturity at its worst and it is immaturity at its best. It is a book that will make you think...about circumstances, choices and consequences.

Emily learns early on that choices are her choices to make, not her mom and nor her dad's, thus leading her astray from the life her parents were molding her into. Acceptance...of who she is, what she wanted, who she wanted was denied creating a void in her that was filled with pain due to the rejection of a stoutly proud man...her father.

Tyrone: Attractive. Lazy. User. Her obsession. Her destruction. Her love. Her destruction. Her everything. Her on again, off again.

Penny: Obedient. Cooperative. Happy. Her life. Her daughter. Her one constant.

The Clients: Pornographic. Solicitation. Lust. Her way of paying for her Illustration.

Enter Alan: Quiet. Shy. Reserved. Suffering. Attentive. Listener. Consistent. Eager. Accepting. In love with Emily. Her, not quite sure what.

The Illustration: Her future. Her history. Her dreams. Her failures. Her life in ink. One half, pure; One half, not so much.
The Choice: Tyrone, Alan. Alan, Tyrone. Her choice. Their choice.

The Illustrated Woman is to be read as entertainment only and should only be read by adults of maturity. The Illustrated Woman has extensive usage of curse words, references to drug usage, explicit sexual relations incorporating power exchange, sexually abusive scenes, BDSM references and intense anger scenes.

And...I could not put this book down

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