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Kindle edition of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark - the Brimstone Forest by Ngaire Elder - free April 26-28, 2012

FREE this weekend - 26th April to 28th April!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Adventures of Cecilia Spark - the Brimstone Forest.

Blog post by Ngaire Elder
 Today the spotlight is on Cecilia Spark ... not me, Ngaire Elder (I will now slink into the background).

 A bit about Cecilia - she is ten years old and  loves hanging-out in her snuggery. Amongst her top things to do are midnight feasts, bug hunting, camping, toasting marshmallows on the camp fire and treasure hunts with her dog, Flurry.
Cecilia dislikes tidying her bedroom and dressing up in fancy frocks.

Cecilia made her first appearance in the Brimstone Forest, book 1 in the series, The Adventures of Cecilia Spark.

Cecilia Spark and Soldier the Mouse

Excerpt from The Brimstone Forest:

Cecilia shivered; Brimstone Forest felt creepy. Rooks cawed from the tree tops, beetles scuttled through the leaves and twigs on the forest floor and hundreds of eyes peered at her through the thicket.
    She had been running for a while and felt exhausted, so she stopped for a rest. She was resting quietly, while Soldier sniffed out a nearby hole, when the two of them became aware of a new noise in the forest. The sound was neither loud nor disturbing, but tuneful and pleasant to the ear.
    “Do you hear that music?” whispered Soldier.

    “Yes, and it’s coming from over there,” Cecilia replied, pointing towards an opening in the forest.  “Let’s go and find out where it’s coming from.”

     They followed the musical trail that took them deeper into the forest to a clearing, where they spotted a cave which beamed with light, like a volcano’s fiery fountain.
     As they got closer to the cave the music stopped and the light went dim. Cecilia felt a shiver run down her back and Soldier hid in Cecilia’s pocket.

    She was about to turn back when she saw a Thingamabob walking towards her from the cave. Cecilia could not make her feet move; they were rooted to the ground.

    The Thingamabob looked terrifying. It had spikes sticking out of its head, its body wobbled like jelly and it made a clicking sound with its claws.

    The Thingamabob was getting closer and closer and closer, and Cecilia wished she could have
hidden in Soldier’s pocket!

What readers are saying about The Adventures of Cecilia Spark - the Brimstone Forest (Amazon):

~    A great story for Young Readers of any age.

~    This story comes alive with the brilliant illustrations that help bring the vivid characters to life.

~    This book is full of creativity and imagination, aspects which are sure to delight young readers.

The Brimstone Forest Book Trailer

Target audience - 5-8 years old. Great book for reading aloud.
Fully illustrated by Peter Maddocks.

Download it FREE today and enjoy Cecilia Spark's adventure in the Brimstone Forest!

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