Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amazon Review - The Briton and the Dane


Tasty, May 12, 2013
FPW "Wayne DePriest" (Fridley, MN, USA)

Mary Ann Bernal's foray into 9th Century Britain is a feast for the senses. The history buff part of me appreciates the research done to portray the period with accurate detail of the times. The story teller part of me recognizes the talent and effort displayed in using that historic accuracy to weave a tale of love, honor, treachery and betrayal wrapped in enough intrigue and suspense to satisfy. And, of course, the reader part of me just flat out enjoyed the story.

There are two more courses in Ms Bernal's banquet, plus a companion tale for dessert. Excuse me while I activate my Kindle. I'm hungry.

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