Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Ritual by Mark Barry is featured on Addicted to Ebooks

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Mark Barry
Mark Barry
Suspense / Thriller
Ohio mother and daughter duo Phillippa and Jennifer travel to England to spend some time with a distressed relative. Mum loves it in the Green and Pleasant: Daughter - an angry, misanthropic EMO with a grudge, a badass attitude and seriously in-your-face dress sense - hates everything about England and wants out. Yesterday. Spotted by a high cleric of an international cult, they are tracked to their destination; a prosperous Midlands town called Wheatley Fields. The cult believes one of the duo is the prophesied reincarnation of their unholy deity, a crazed seventeenth century lesbian witch named Martha Atkins, whose shadowy and unwanted entry into pre-colonial America predates the Mayflower. Their quarry is a glittering prize. A Grail they aren’t going to let slip through their fingers. Havoc strikes the town. Death. Burning. Cold winds. Mutilation. Evisceration. Possession. Strange animals skulk along petrified pavements. Corvus colonise the skyline. Sentient spiders stalk oblivious householders. Ephemeral shadows, appear just below the level of perception. It seems like the town teeters on the precipice above the brimstone circles of Hell. Finally, the cult succeeds in trapping one of the family. Thus, the other faces a fight to the death to prevent a terrifying centuries old Ritual of reincarnation - and the horrifying sacrifice of someone they love. “The best of the first six Green Wizard books – a real surprise! Ken Lance, Northampton. “This is totally insane. It reminded me of the horror blockbusters of the seventies. I loved it.” Mary Quallo, St Louis. “I had to skim some of it – it was too bloody for me – but it tracks along like a runaway train.” Mary Ann Bernal - author of “The Briton and the Dane trilogy.” “Sexy, scary and faster than a speeding bullet. The Ritual is one of the best books I’ve read this year.” Carnaby Reed, Jacksonville.
Mild Profanity
Mild Violence
Mild Sex

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