Thursday, June 27, 2013

Five Year Old Death by Bathsheba Dailey Book Launch - Join the Party on Facebook, Friday June 28, 2013

Come join me for my book release party and invite everyone you wish to. I will be having a raffle and other exciting give-a-ways for everyone to enjoy. There will also be areas where you can showcase your own links and books but please make sure you put them where they go and return any likes and follows given to you. Thank you for joining and have fun!

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Five Year Old Death 

Authored by Bathsheba Dailey
Edition: First Edition
This book is about a girl who went through more than any one human should ever face and allowed herself to be brought down even farther in a marriage that just could not work. This book is based on my real life of sexual, physical and mental abuse starting at the age of five. If I can just help one person to realize that they are not alone and that they can refuse to live in that depression, I will be happy.


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