Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Violent Disorder by Mark Barry - Launch countdown - just in time for Notts football kick-off

Violent Disorder Launch
VIOLENT DISORDER, my first solo book for a year, and the sequel to Ultra Violence, is out on August 1st for e-book buyers and three weeks later for paperback customers.

Have a look at Dark Dawn Creation's Cover.

Back "Blurb" (in progress)

Let’s ‘av it…

The tall one advances toward me, grinning, all teeth, denim jacket and faded jeans.
He wants it, I can tell.
This knowledge makes me content. It fills me with calm, a balance. An equilibrium.
As he approaches, a sense of certainty descends that this upcoming scenario is somehow meant to be.
There is a mutual acceptance.
A tacit agreement that extreme violence is about to take place, that punches will be thrown, that blood will be spilled, and that one or both of us is going to be hurt, possibly quite badly.
Maybe very badly, indeed.

The Bully Brothers.
Forty-something football hooligans determined to go straight.  
A young Internet writer charts their progress to becoming productive citizens against the background of a disintegrating England.
Shortages of healthy food. Zero hour contracts. Moated communities. Disturbing gangs of homeless roaming the streets. Cancer victims forced to work for dole. Frightened offspring poisoning immortal parents to avoid impossible care bills. Twenty quid for the flicks, three fifty a pint, and eight quid a packet of fags.
You don’t know whether to wear a parka to go shopping or slap on sun block.
The writer takes their confession but stays at arm’s length. Old football war stories - myths and fables from the terraces of Meadow Lane. Sins of Ultra Violence two decades old carried out in service stations, back alleys and the high streets of dead towns like Hounslow, Rotherham, Swindon and Peterborough. 
Will they succeed in going straight?  Can they resist the carnage planned for the last match of the season against Coventry’s top boys?  
Or will they fail, dragging the writer into the bloody battle with them…

Violent Disorder is the much anticipated sequel to Green Wizard’s best-selling Ultra Violence.


There will be an extract next week, and the following week, at least four interviews with me on various blogs, where I discuss the writing of the book.
Hope you enjoy it.



  1. Very much looking forward to reading Violent Disorder n x

  2. Good luck, good luck! Can't wait for Violent Disorder to be mine! :)