Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodreads Contest - US entries - The Juice and Other Stories by Bill Jones, Jr.

The Juice and Other Stories by Bill Jones Jr.

Panthera Press is giving away five (5) copies of the short story collection, "The Juice and Other Stories," by author Bill Jones, Jr. Previously available only in eBook form, this version includes all 13 stories in the acclaimed anthology, plus 2 bonus stories.

The Juice and Other Stories brings together a collection of 15 tales of romance, science fiction, urban fantasy, and suspense.

In “Remembering,” beings from another world find themselves herded along their own trail of tears. “Mrs. What’s-Her-Name” details a woman’s struggle to regain her memory, and her life, after a devastating brain injury. In “The Juice,” a woman of the street searches for her next client, and promises him surprises. “The Clown Man” visits a beautiful child’s dreams and turns them to nightmares; however, Cruz, a dream walker, is there, and he means to keep the girl safe.

The novelette “Manhattan Transference” details the story of Luce, a vaporous visitor from a dying planet, who must find the only robotics expert who can help save the alien race from destruction. Luce’s sun will go supernova soon, and without Dr. Roman’s help, all of Luce’s people will die with it. There is only one problem: Luce’s new human form, and the raw emotions that come with it. “Fool O’clock” details a stressful day in the life of Jim Pyle, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Fool Abatement, a government agency tasked with keeping the U.S. safe from fools of all sorts.

In the novelette “Days of the Never Was,” three pairs of arguing friends disappear into a strange fog bank and reemerge with their entire worlds turned upside down.

See the author's blog for descriptions of the other stories: