Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mary Ann Bernal reviews Hard as Roxx by Bill Jones, Jr.


The author spins an exciting tale that is set in a post apocalyptic world. If you like strong women, you will love Roxx, a single mother who must protect her family from the ruthless leaders upholding the law. In this futuristic society, the women have been genetically altered to limit pregnancies to just one. However, Roxx’ genetic makeup does not carry the enhanced code, and she finds herself pregnant with a second child as a result of a rape. Once the baby is born, Roxx must protect her two daughters not only from a government that would execute both mother and child, but also from the man who had ravished her. As the months pass, it becomes harder for Roxx to remain in the home she had made for her family. She no longer has a choice and must flee with her daughters across the Sahara desert, hoping to reach the European continent, and safety.

This story is action packed with exciting twists when you least expect them. If you enjoyed “Children of Men,” you’ll love this.

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