Friday, September 20, 2013

Ngaire Elder spotlight: Ready To Roxx With Bill Jones, Jr.

Ready To Roxx With Bill Jones, Jr.
Bill Jones, Jr. was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in southern Virginia. He is a novelist, poet, photographer, father, and life coach, along with other things he does for money rather than love. Bill wrote his first two novels in 3 months. Since then, he has published 4 novels and a short story collection, and has two more novels currently in development.
On those rare days he's not working at his Lockheed Martin day job, or his writing night job, Bill can be found under a Nikon, shooting whatever there is. On the very best days, his photos end up as a scene in a book. He likes cheese.

Author, Bill Jones, Jr.

Excerpt from Hard As Roxx written by Bill Jones, Jr.:

Roxx's head throbbed. She didn't need to touch it to know there would be a deep purple bruise atop an ugly knot in the middle of her forehead. She would need to wear bangs for a week after this. She was sitting in the dirt, but apparently had not been for long, as the crowd of men had not left. Her chest hurt, and she likely had a broken sternum from the pistol slug, but otherwise, she was intact. The air was thick with smells. To her immediate right, where the Dead Men stood, the air was heavy with sweat, adrenaline, and fervor. Their eyes were hungry, and they surrounded her daughter like starving jackals. The girl bounced in their midst, still fighting, never taking her eyes off her mom, distracting the Dead Men in their fevered heat. These weren't soldiers and not well trained. None had checked Roxx's pulse and none were watching.

    The sniper remained in the shadows from whence he'd taken the first shot, the one that had almost penetrated her skin, almost breached her skull and into her brain. He'd made his first mistake. His back was turned. The old man sat, 9mm pistol still in hand, smiling as his dogs played with their new toy. As she bounced within the group, Jazz kicked up a cloud of dust, managing to aim it at the old man's head before she was jerked to a stop by one of her captors. Cheng cursed and grabbed at his eyes, which were watering from the dirt. At his feet lay a dead African, his throat wide. Jazz's knife lay next to him.

    Roxx smiled. That's my girl.

What readers are saying about  Bill Jones, Jr.'s writing (Amazon):

~      I fell in love with the characters, but more so the imagery created by Mr Jones. I felt like I was in a movie and could see everything clearly and even hear the sounds and feel the air... fantastic book... I think this will be a classic! (The Stream: Discovery)

~     The plot is captivating and smart, and I found the imagery and dialogue to be so strong in this wonderful story that both young adults and adults will be swept away (The Stream: Discovery)

~    This is a must read. The collection of short stories all hold these traits: clear and concise writing, engaging plots, and well developed and colorful cast of characters.Each story has individuality that makes this book a great read. (The Juice and Other Stories).

~    Author, Bill Jones Jr, has a wonderful ability to pull you into an adventure with people of all ages ...Bill wove into his story many golden threads with love, acceptance, perseverance in difficult times, innocence and innocence lost, problem solving and so very much more. (The Stream: Awakening).


  1. Thank you for sharing Hard As Roxx spotlight feature. Loved Bill's music choice, it ROXX!

    1. Always a pleasure, Ngaire. Have a blessed day.