Friday, October 25, 2013

Mark Barry's Carla in the spotlight

Mark Barry's Carla Has a Facelift!

Mark Barry has been a writer since childhood.

 Later, fifteen years passed writing bids (downloading a record £20m in funding) before the inevitable mid-life soul-search. Result? A switch in focus.

 Surfing the new wave of Independent publishing, he used his undoubted talent to write several novels, including the acclaimed Carla, the quirky Hollywood Shakedown, and cult favourite Ultra Violence.

 Mark has been interviewed on several radio chat shows where he has given readings of his work.  His writing has been featured in the national press, and he has also been interviewed on television.

Mark lives in Southwell, likes music, horse-racing and collecting books. He fanatically follows Notts County FC and is the father of one son, Matt. He is the owner of Green Wizard Publishing, and interviews authors on his interview blog, the Wizard's Cauldron.

 Cult novel Carla, is an introspective, moody and chilling romance novel with its roots firmly grounded in the work of the great pulp writers of the fifties, particularly Jim Thompson, to whom the book is dedicated.

It is a book for adults and for those who have lived through the occasionally bloody battlefields that are the relationships between men and women.

It is suitable for men and women who enjoy good writing and a book which involves the senses. The book may also interest those in mixed age relationships (in either role) or those who suffer (or is related to someone who suffers from) Borderline Personality Disorder.

Paperback: The paperback in particular is striking looking and with Kindle Match, you can get a FREE e-copy so you never have to bend the cover. It is perfect for coffee tables and bookshelves, with a glorious looking spine. The typeface is an easy reading font and there is plenty of clear cream space. It's an easy, fast paced page turner which doesn't overstay its welcome and leaves, according to reviewers, a lasting imprint on the consciousness.

So far, the book has gained 17 5* reviews and a cult following. Comments from people who have read the book appear all over the Net.

EVERY single review of Carla, whether the reader likes the theme or not, has commented on the quality of the writing. This second edition has been even further improved by micro-editing and the book raises the Indie standard further.

The Carla paperback is an ideal present. Small, compact and able to fit in a clasp bag, it is ideal for Secret Santa, beach holidays, air travel and christmas/birthday gifts. It is also cheap enough to buy as a spontaneous present for someone you like. (Or love).

Buy if you like: love stories, strong writing, emotion, psychology, ambivalent characters; reality fiction; thought provoking, quirky, innovative books; sad romance; black humour and stories which feature stories within stories.

It is set in the beautiful middle English town of Southwell and interested readers can follow the John and Carla to the footstep.

Back matter: Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer and released mental patient, John Dexter, falls in love with Carla, a fresh- faced environmental student and part-time barmaid, the first time he sees her. He should walk away, he knows he should, but he doesn’t. He can’t.

And by falling in love, he sets off a chain of events, which are at first, heart-warming and inspirational, and then bleak and horrifying.

The origins of Carla, complete with the original cover, may be found here:

Secret Snippets:

The Story Behind the Story! -

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