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The Wizard of Notts Recommends: Hallowe'en: The 10 most haunted spots in Nottingham and Notts

The grounds of Newstead Abbey where a "White Lady" is said to walk.

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Galleries of Justice

Nottingham's old courthouse and jail are said to be haunted by criminals who were executed on the site.
There have been reports of footsteps and shadowy figures in the cave system.

Newstead Abbey
There are said to be several apparitions which haunt this monastic house, founded in the 12th century.
The White Lady, Rose Lady, Goblin Friar and Black Friar are all said to wander the halls and gardens where the poet Lord Byron once lived.

The Trip to Jerusalem
Built in 1189, this inn is reputed to be the oldest pub in England and was a favourite watering hole for the crusaders on the way to the Holy Land.
Among the many spooky legends surrounding the pub, is the curse of the model galleon. Hanging from the ceiling of the Rock Lounge, the model is covered is dust and cobwebs. No one will clean it because the last three people who did are said to have died mysteriously afterwards.
Staff have also heard the sound of breaking glass coming from the bar, but on going to sweep it up, cannot find any.
A clock in the bar is also said to be possessed by evil spirits, and wafts of old-fashioned scent often drift through the air.

British Transport Police Station, 1 Queens Street
The station is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former prisoners. One officer working alone at night heard a heavy door slam, and on going to investigate found a set of wet footprints leading the toilets even though the weather was dry.
Following the prints into the toilets, he found the room empty. Thirty years later, another officer spotted a man walk into the toilets - realising that he and his colleague should have been the only people on site, the officer looked into the room and found it empty.

Former Police Station, Canal Street
This Edwardian building was said to be haunted by moans and groans, banging and by a particular light being switched on by an unseen hand. The atmosphere in the pitch black cells and interview booths is said to be terrifying.

City of Caves, Broadmarsh shopping centre
The network of dark medieval caves underneath the Broadmarsh has been the scene of many spooky sightings.
Dark shadows have been seen darting around, and an upset woman in Victorian clothing has also been spotted. Some people report hearing the sound of explosions overhead - the caves were used as bomb shelters during the Second World War. Other people have reported stones being thrown, voices in ears and cloudy apparitions.

Bestwood Lodge Hotel, Arnold
Bestwood Lodge Hotel was the love nest of Nell Gwynn, an orange seller who later became an actress, and Charles II.
There have been a number of ghostly happenings at the hotel, which have been blamed on Nell. The family room is said to smell of oranges whenever children stay in the room. No orange peel is ever found, and the smell only ever occurs when children stay in the room, never when adults stay in the room alone.
Staff at the hotel also often see figures walking around the corridors.

Clifton Hall, Nottingham
This 52-room Grade I listed mansion was originally the home of the Clifton family in the 13th Century and is thought to have been built to aid defence in the area - it is perched on top of a cliff overlooking the River Trent.
Charles I stayed at the Hall in 1632 as a guest of Sir Gervase Clifton, who prepared for the visit by having works done on the property and its grounds.
The hall was opened as Clifton Hall Girls' Grammar School in 1958 and was then used by Nottingham Trent University from the school's closure in 1976 until the 2000s.
In 2006, businessman Anwar Rashid bought Clifton Hall - but had to give it up after eight months after a series of ghostly happenings.
Spectres took on the form of his children, he and his wife heard knocks on the walls, and bloodspots were found on his 18-month-old baby's quilt.
He brought in the investigators, but they were unable to stop the haunting.

Wollaton Hall
Room 19 of the 16th century hall is said to be haunted by Lady Middleton, who was paralysed after a fall. She spent the rest of her life in the room she now haunts. There is said to be some paranormal activity in the corridors and cellars beneath the hall.

The Bell Inn, Old Market Square
The ghost of Robert is said to walk through the restaurant, which is also haunted by two men who are seen sitting at a table before disappearing. The women's toilets are home to a female phantom, while a jester is said to stand outside the front door.

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