Saturday, December 7, 2013

On sale thru 12/8/13 for .99 cents. Doctor, Doctor (Island Moonlight Collection, Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

If you're #cheeky and you know it clap your hands! Reviewer calls this short #romance novel "cheeky and sexy" and it's on sale thru 12/8 for .99 cents. High sensual content and plenty of humor and heart to go with this story about a #Honolulu bachelor who doesn't know what his calm and orderly life has been missing 'til it gets turned upside down by a quirky island family. Multi #cultural and #lifestyle themes.



Diagnosis: heartburn! Since when do millionaire doctors kidnap their housekeepers and hold them for ransom?

They don't. Not really. But when Audrina Lee's slacker brother steals a valuable painting from Dane Love's Hawaiian estate - a man they both work for - the good doctor cooks up a scheme to hold her for counter-ransom!

Audrina can't help but play along with the doctor's ruse, and until the painting is returned, she plans to enjoy every minute of her stay at his beachfront villa.

Surrounded by sea, surf and sun, things start getting toasty between herself and the hunky M.D.. Before too long, Audrina is losing the battle with temptation. Now her heart's about to get stolen, too, because the good doctor is turning out to be one very bad boy.

Warning: Hot doctor in the house!
*this romance contains explicit levels of sensuality and fully depicted love scenes

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