Wednesday, January 29, 2014

History Trivia - Galileo observes Neptune

January 29

904 Pope Sergius III came out of retirement to take over the papacy from the deposed antipope Christopher. 

1119 Pope Gelasius II died. The brief reign of Gelasius II was plagued by the lingering investiture controversy and the aggressive actions of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor. Henry took possession of Rome and twice drove the pope from the city, installing in his place the antipope Gregory VIII. 

 1327  Edward III was crowned  By laying claim to the French throne, he started the Hundred Years' War.   He also created Britain's highest knightly order, the Order of the Garter because of his fondness for chivalry.

1595 William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet was performed for the first time on this day.

1613 Galileo observed Neptune but failed to understand the significance of his find.

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