Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mr. Chuckles stopped by The Wizard's Cauldron, checking out an Australian country girl

The Great Wizard says:

This week, author Danielle Belwater joins us all the way from Australia. 

A paranormal romance and YA author, Danielle has just released her first novel; the beautifully titled and covered, "Of Fire and Roses." Take it from me, she is a delightful person who is a pleasure to interview.

 She's just undertaken an endless blog tour and those of you interested in finding out more about blog tours, will be interested in meeting Danielle who has done a passable impression of One Direction's infinite World Tour this past two months. I interrupted Danielle on the Wizphone as she lassoed a bull on her ranch somewhere between the cobalt South Australian Pacific and the golden sands of the outback. 

click on the link to read the interview in its entirety:


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