Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mr. Chuckles peeks in on UK proofreader Julia Gibbs around the Wizard's Cauldron

The Wizard speaks:

Once a corporate raider, Julia Gibbs, like a superhero ( a Catwoman, a Huntress, a Dazzler), has a secret identity - Julia Proofreader, a name you will all be familiar with on your Twitter and Facebook feeds. 

Last week, we looked at the work of a copy editor. This week, we can finally find out what a professional proofreader does. 

She's fun, entertaining, upbeat and has a beautifully clear style of writing.  After witnessing this clarity of prose, I am bitterly regretting not asking her how she would cope with the vernacular-strewn work of, say, Irvine Welsh or his compatriot, James Kelman, but I am sure Julia will be back again - around the Cauldron - to tell us. 

I picked up the Wizphone and contacted her as she ploughed her way through a 900 page manuscript entitled Crinkle, Crinkle, Little Bag:Potato Crisp Packaging Since The Age of Victoria. 

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