Friday, March 28, 2014

The Wizard of Notts Recommends - Mr. Chuckles and Captain Bear have a request

More News On The TNP Paperback
Paperback Despatch Mission Accomplished

Just to let you know, I have despatched 22 paperbacks in the past four days. 

I have three left if any latecomers fancy one free of charge. 

With cover designer Dark Dawn Creation's striking Imperial Purple background, behind black and white bold lettering, on a magnificent matte cover, whether you want to read it or not, its a thing of beauty and something I am very proud of.

No one will be able to call this book a self pub with a sneer on their face. It's been worked on and honed with passion and love. Who needs a publisher!

Ahum..Laura Miller of

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Phyllis...
I have a favour to ask.  

My editor and great friend, Mary Ann and I have this mad long running thing about teddy bears and books going down with Captain Bear (MAB) and Mr. Chuckles (me). It's childish and babyish etc, but we like it.

Captain Bear of the Starship Nebraska

Can you take a photo of your favourite cuddly toy reading TNP? I shall include it HERE on PINTEREST, my new craze thingy!

and on this blog. Yay!

Remember: The Review

And don't forget. I need a review from you. 

I don't care what star at all as long as you review me.  Seriously. 

If you detest the book, let me know. If TNP finds itself in the hands of the legendary Goodreads troll, Troy Trolley the Truculent Tricky Troll fair enough. Give me 1*, Mr Tricky and don't spare my feelings for a millisecond. 

I firmly believe ANY review is better than NO review - hence the investment Green Wizard has made in this book.

Typical Goodreads critic, the fearsome Mr Tricky.
Oh, and in three months time, whatever comments you make, will go into the hat to form the back blurb of a new cover. 

The PB has no back blurb at present.  And that's deliberate.

In Conclusion - a Fiver.

UK readers can pick the PB up for just over a fiver for a limited time only with a FREE e-book version for your Spa...sorry, Kindle. 

US readers, for a reason I can't quite grasp, have to pay approximately 15% more. Sorry, gang. 

Good news: The e-book is cheap, as they all should be, on all continents.

Love you all.  Wiz.
PS: I shall tell you about the NEW footnote-less e-book in another post.


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