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Written by Bill Jones, Jr.     December 23, 2013    
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Bill Jones, Jr.

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Bill Jones, Jr. was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up as a painfully shy kid in southern Virginia, listening to his mother’s war stories and wondering why he didn’t inherit her gift for storytelling. Some years later, after discovering he had a talent for writing poetry, Bill thought perhaps not all of Mom’s genetics went to waste. In 2008, a writer friend encouraged him to pen a short story. He loved it. Shortly thereafter, he decided to see if he could turn the story into a book. It became two: Discovery and Awakening, the first two books of his fantasy fiction series The Stream.

Since then, he’s been writing almost constantly. He finished The Stream trilogy with Emprise, and then went on to write a short story anthology, The Juice and Other Stories, as well as his first Sci-Fi novel, Hard as Roxx. Currently, he’s editing a detective novel, has another in progress, and has begun a second short story collection.

On those rare days he’s not working at his Lockheed Martin day job, or his writing night job, Bill is a photographer, father, and life coach, along with other things he does for love rather than money. Usually, however, Bill can be found somewhere under a camera, shooting whatever there is. On the very best days, his photos end up as a scene in a book. On his bad days, they still end up as an scene in a book – just an angry one.
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Germantown, Maryland, USA

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Author of science fiction, adventure, and mystery novels, including the acclaimed series, The Stream.
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